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San Antonio Divorce Attorney Carmen RojoDivorce, Obtaining competent and reliable information from an experienced San Antonio divorce lawyer should be your first priority. Legal and financial advice is important because it can move you in the direction of an easier, faster and better overall divorce experience. You must be informed and educated, develop a divorce plan or strategy, and become the manager of your own divorce case.

The necessary requirements of a successful divorce include preparation on three different levels: mental, emotional and financial. Before you start your divorce case, before you take any affirmative action, prepare yourself and think about your case, your life and your children. Make a detailed, specific list of everything you want to achieve, including the divorce, consistent with your life goals and values, your children’s best interests, your property and overall financial security.

How Long Will The Divorce Process Take

When it comes to the divorce process, Texas is one of the easiest states, as well as one of the fastest states to process a divorce.

San Antonio Lawyer For Contested Divorce

Military Divorce Attorney in San AntonioA contested divorce occurs when either party involved in the proceedings do not agree with the divorce, or the reasons for the divorce. In this divorce situation the first set of papers must be filed. Next, the spouse that disagrees with the divorce must be served with a court summons to appear before the judge. After a final trial is set, both parties must appear in court before the judge. If the served spouse does not show up, a default judgment in favor of the divorce may be granted.

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People end up frustrated and upset with the divorce process because they have expectations that bear little resemblance to the reality of going through a divorce. Divorce clients often use words like fair, win and punish. READMORE

Child Support

The law will enforce payments by reporting the non-custodial parent to the credit bureau, having their license suspended, thrown in jail, etc. If a non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support, then the custodial READMORE

Child Custody

Child Custody cases in Texas can linger for a very long time after divorce until something is established or modified through the court system. I am here to assist parents in resolving their cases fast and affordably. READMORE

Family Law

Texas family law combines heavily charged emotional situations with complicated financial matters. If you are undergoing a difficult divorce, child custody dispute, or other family law matter consult with a skilled legal mind READMORE



After meeting with several divorce attorneys, I was referred to Carmen Rojo by a good friend.  My divorce case was quite complex and until I met Carmen, I was not comfortable.  Carmen is experienced,  knowledgable, caring, and treated my case as if it were her own.  I had constant communication with her on nights, weekends and holidays if I needed her.  As difficult as my case was, the iutcone fir me was spectacular.   I don’t have words to express my thanks to Carmen for everything she has done for me and I will be forever grateful!