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File DivorcePeople end up frustrated and upset with the divorce process because they have expectations that bear little resemblance to the reality of going through a divorce. Divorce clients often use words like fair, win and punish. It wasn’t fair the marriage failed. Why should divorce be fair? Perhaps the words fair and just get confused. What about winning or loosing? Nobody wins in court, but if you hire the right legal professional you can protect your rights and interest from the very beginning.

A majority of our divorce clients decide their marriage is over in the context of significant conflict. For many clients it’s not easy to have a rational discussion about ending a relationship. The marriage has hit the rocks because of factors that generate bad feelings:

Unmanageable Debt  * Addiction to Drugs * Gambling * Spending * Cheating & Extramarital Affairs
* Clashing Life Styles

On top of this, people often feel an agonizing sense of failure or a sense of worthlessness. People beginning the divorce process are angry, upset and often irrational. The reality is that you must come to accept is that you’re better off staying out of divorce court. Court can be draining, both emotionally and financially. If it’s all possible for you to negotiate with your spouse, do so instead of trying to punish him or her with a grueling court battle. An experienced San Antonio Divorce Lawyer at the will suggest alternative dispute resolution or mediation as a great way to divorce with dignity and control with a minimum of emotional stress.

We are experienced in family law & know how to use the courts effectively to achieve clients goals. We will provide the court with clear and helpful information so it understands your position. We will keep the process focused on your long term goals and will not let emotions get in the way of good decision making.

You will tell us what you hope to accomplish in your divorce, or  matter and we will tell you what parts of your plan are reasonable and what parts are not. If you are considering divorce or been served divorce papers contact a San Antonio Attorney at The Carmen Rojo Law Office right away to discuss your divorce.

Listen to Legal Advice, but Stay In Control Of Your Uncontested Divorce or Contested Divorce