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How Child Support is Determined

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Child support is determined by the obligor’s net income and the number of children they have. For example, if the obligor has one child, 20% of his or her net income would be deducted. Twenty five percent is deducted if the obligor has two children. If the obligor has three children, then 30% of the net income is deducted. Four or five children, and the deductions would be 35% and 40% of the net income. Six children or more, and the obligor would pay over 40%.

How Child Support Is Determined For Multiple Households Sec. 154.128.  COMPUTING SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN IN MORE THAN ONE HOUSEHOLD.  (a)  In applying the child support guidelines for an obligor who has children in more than one household, the court shall apply the percentage guidelines in this subchapter by making the following computation:

Sec. 154.016.  PROVISION OF SUPPORT IN EVENT OF DEATH OF PARENT.  (a)  The court may order a child support obligor to obtain and maintain a life insurance policy, including a decreasing term life insurance policy, that will establish an insurance-funded trust or an annuity payable to the obligee for the benefit of the child that will satisfy the support obligation under the child support order in the event of the obligor’s death.